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Step Two: Interview the person

Step 2.  Interview the Respite contractor

Tips in carrying out an interview:

  • Meet with the Respite contractor, face to face and not over the phone.
  • Ask someone else to join you in the interview as this will give you a second opinion.
  • Interview the Respite contractor when you have plenty of time and won’t be interrupted.
  • You may take notes in the chart below so you  remember what the person said after the interview.


Questions you cannot ask are: 

  • How old are you?
  • Where were you born?
  • Are you married? Living with someone?  Are you gay/homosexual?
  • Do you have any children or do you plan to have children?
  • What is your family background, religion or country where you were born?

These questions are adapted from The Ontario Human Rights Commission: "Hiring? A human rights guide".

You can also call them at 1-800-387-9080 for more information.

Below is a sample (condensed) interview sheet with some ideas you might like to use.

You can also download a printable copy of the form here: Step 2 Interview questions.doc (34304 B)


Interview questions you might ask are:



Your comments





Have you had experience caring for someone with a disability? And if so, please explain.











Tell me when you had to deal with some with a disability who was frustrated and unhappy?






Reasoning skills:



You could give the Respite contractor an example of an emergency that could happen, and/or an example of a serious situation that might occur.  How would the person deal with it?








How many hours would you like to work?  Are there times when you are not able to work?  How much notice do you required to be called in?






Other guidelines:

You might inquire about pets, if either you or the Respite contractor has pets.

You might ask whether the Respite contractor is caring for other children.

My other questions: 


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