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Community Partners

Chatham-Kent Local Respite Network

The Local Respite Network brings together community partners who know of, or provide service to families with children who have unique needs.  The LRN aims to work toward a comprehensive system of services to better support families and caregivers and to use as a framework, An Ideal Model for Children & Youth Services in the Southwest Region - Respite Services & Supports -- from Rest to Resilience. 

Terms of Reference:

  1. To form a committee of community partners and parents to carry out the responsibilities and duties related to the Local Respite Network.
  2. To develop and maintain a comprehensive description of respite services and supports available within Chatham-Kent.
  3. Work collaboratively to develop and implement a system for families to access resources.
  4. To promote, monitor, and advocate the need for respite care within Chatham-Kent.
  5. Identify gaps in respite services and develop strategies to address them and advocate for appropriate resources.
  6. Unless otherwise required, the LRN will meet 4 times per year in the months of March, June, September, and December.


The LRN recognizes that respite is "a flexible, periodic, short term break from care-giving for the purpose of rest and renewal for the family" (As defined in the Southwest Region document - An Ideal Model for Children & Youth Services in the Southwest Region - Respite Services & Supports)

  • The LRN encourages supports for families to be provided in a proactive manner in order to promote healthy families.
  • The LRN recognizes that respite planning must respond to the uniqueness of each individual family, situation and culture.
  • The LRN recognizes that respite services can be provided in a number of ways and are best defined by the family.
  • The LRN acknowledges that the need for, and use of respite, is not to be interpreted as a failure or weakness, but rather the strengthening of the family unit.

**Members that are marked with an asterisk provide respite services or funding options**
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