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Useful Information for Parents

Follow this link for more information on the Registered Disability Savings Plan

Putting real people and real stories before our governments to request more funding for needed services

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Safe Guards Training Course

The Respite Services Training Certificate can be used by a range of people. It was designed as a self-paced online course to prepare individuals to work in respite support situations and also provides a basic level of training for current respite workers. Those who are already working in the field may find it useful to take the course to explore areas they are less familiar with ensure they have a full understanding of all the skills required.

The Respite Learning Portal (www.respitecourse.ca) funded by MCYS / MCSS Southwest Region, was launched in 2007 to meet the training needs of respite workers in southwestern Ontario and the agencies coordinating services.  This specialized portal is the gateway to online training, webinars, resources and a place to network with others through Discussion Boards. 

The Training course is highly recommended. It is worth your time to take a look, and would be a great option for YOUR respite worker!

Parents respitecourse.ca is a great training tool for You too!
Check out the link below:


This is a free course for Parents.  Upon Completion you will be able to:

  • Describe the unique charasteristics of you child to a respite care provider
  • Prepare a binder and written profile of how ASD affects your child
  • Prepare an interview from and five interview questions for a respite care provider
  • Describe two methods for ongoing communication with a worker
  • Indentify four safety tips for respite workers
  • Outline three methods to keep the respite care relationship going
  • Describe two ways to modify activities for a child with ASD 

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Creating a Multi-Sensory Environment at Home

Snoezelen® pronounced Snooz-UH-lun, is a specially designed sensory stimulation environment which encourages individual exploration and expression.  It aims to provide an oasis of tranquility where the user can relax and is given the opportunity to choose an activity at his or her pace.  Snoezelen® originated in Holland in the late 1970s.  Canada's first Snoezelen® opened in 1992 at the Bloorvies Children's Hospital in Toronto.

Below are some suggestions as to how you can now add Snoezelen® to your home, using everyday objects that are located in most stores.  Creating a multi-sensory environment at home enables you to create a setting in which you can stimulate or relax your child, depending on their needs.

Creating a multi-sensory room or corner in your home can be done at a reasonable cost.  Sensory tools often make great gifts for all children, including those with special needs.  Every member of your family can enjoy your 'Snoezelen' space to relax and spend quality time together.  Multi-sensory environments can use very little equipment and utilize everyday objects and experiences to develop a living theatre environment.  They can be created using an empty room, bedroom or corner.  Used appropriately, this sensory environment can be used to develop communication, concentration, facilitate access to new experiences, relaxation, interaction and the development of social skills.

Snoezelen® A Recipe for a Sensory Corner in Your Home

Ideally, sensory environments are empty working spaces with no distractions.  If you don't have a room set aside, consider using a black or white shower curtain to create a corner in the room.  Following are some suggestions, but remember the possibilities are endless!

  1. Cover the floor with anything soft and comfortable, e.g. exercise mats, carpet, pillows, bean bags.  Or, you can use a comfy chair, or sofa and a table for sensory items.
  2. Ensure that you have a dark corner to maximize the effects of the lights.  String Christmas tree lights around the room or corner or use light producing objects like bubble lamps, black florescent lights, bendable light tubes.  Even a plant can be utilized to hold a string of 35 small white holiday lights.
  3. Utilize coloured light bulbs to create a unique lighting effect; a hand held electric torch and a piece of crumpled cooking foil to break up the light beam.
  4. Use florescent paint to paint constellations on the ceiling or on a sheet, you can also purchase glowing stars to put on the ceiling.
  5. Make and hang colourful mobiles, wind chimes or rain sticks.
  6. Invest in aromatherapy fans or use an aromatic plug-in such as Glade.
  7. Play relaxing music, e.g. dolphin music, rain forest sounds, classical strains, etc. OR a sound therapy machine that creates soft sounds like a waterfall, nature, rain, etc.
  8. Introduce a Bubble tube (Wal-mart) or even a fish aquarium with some colourful fish!
  9. Scented hand lotion or aromatherapy oil for massage.
  10. Purchase of small toys that have a cause and effect, e.g. toys that light up, provide visual effects, vibrate, make noise or have a tactile feel.  Any toy or item that offers sensory stimulation: koosh balls™, balloons filled with rice.
  11. Introduce tasting experiences of different flavoured drinks and foods.  Consider doing themes, e.g. orange - use orange scented aromatherapy oil, use an orange light bulb to change the lighting effect, introduce the sensation and pleasure of eating an orange.


Click on this link for some interesting facts about our Senses
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The Ten commandments
for Families with Children Who have Special Needs
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The Access 2 Entertainment™ card provides free admission (or a significant discount) for support people accompanying a person with a disability, at member movie theatres across Canada. 

Follow the link above to download a registration form.

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Here are some interesting tips for buying the right toys for your children.......

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Free List of Things to do…………

(for you or your worker)
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Belwood Lodge and Camp

 Belwood Lodge and Camp is dedicated to meeting the summer recreational needs of children, youth and adults who are mentally challenged.  Programs are designed to provide campers with exceptional experiences while ensuring their safety and a positive holiday experience.

     We provide care givers a chance to enjoy a holiday and well deserved rest without worrying about their loved ones.

     Belwood Lodge & Camp accepts people for who they are and what challenges they face on a daily basis. We encourage them to be themselves, focus on their strengths and have a great time.



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